White Fillings

White Fillings Birmingham

For us, white fillings such as composites or glass ionomer cements, are a very good alternative to amalgam fillings because they restore the natural appearance of the tooth, making your teeth look like they’ve had no dental work done at all. They are also hard wearing and durable because as the white composite material bonds to the dentine, it restores most of its strength too. Composite fillings are made from powdered glass quartz, silica and other ceramic particles added to a resin base. They are ‘glued on’ and form a chemical bond with the tooth.

Glass ionomer cements also make strong and durable fillings as they form a chemical link with the tooth. When glass ionomer is coated with a resin, it can also withstand the high biting forces of the mouth. Glass ionomer also releases fluoride into the mouth over time, which can benefit your oral health.

If you already have metallic amalgam fillings in your teeth, another service we offer is to remove and replace them for you with white fillings, giving your smile a more natural appearance overall.