Dental Implants

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What are Dental Implants?

Dental implant, also referred to as a tooth or teeth implants, is a clinically proven safe solution for the replacement of lost or damaged teeth. This is where a screw is placed in the jaw bone to replace the root for the missing tooth / teeth, in as little as 2 hours using a minor surgical procedure. Implants can be a long-term solution to support a bridge, crown or denture, if a proper aftercare regime is followed.

Dental implants will give you an instant fixed tooth or teeth providing patients with a great smile and bite to chew with confidence. A single space can be filled in the mouth by fitting a SINGLE DENTAL IMPLANT or multiple spaces in the mouth can be filled, such as to support a bridge or denture, as for IMPLANT SUPPORTED BRIDGES and ALL ON 4 DENTAL IMPLANTS.

Whate are they made of?

Dental implants are usually made of titanium or titanium alloy screw (materials consistently demonstrated to integrate efficiently with the bone) capped with an abutment that holds a false tooth/teeth in place. The IMPLANT TREATMENT PROCESS generally involves two stages, although can be conducted in one appointment as for SAME DAY IMPLANTS.

What a dental implant looks like

  • the dental implant (a titanium or titanium alloy screw)
  • the abutment (the connecting component, usually made from titanium)
  • the crown (made from porcelain or zirconia), bridge or denture
Dental Implant, what is looks like

How many implants can you have?

Single dental implant can support one or several replacement teeth, it is not necessary to have one implant per replacement tooth. The number of dental implants you need will depend on how many teeth require replacing and how secure your jawbone is in the necessary areas. If all your teeth need replacing, generally at least six implants will be required in the upper jaw, and between four and six in the lower jaw, which can be performed in the same procedure, depending on what the dentist thinks is most appropriate for you.

Why Choose Us?

Our dental implant patients at our Birmingham Dental Implant Clinic have said it has been a life changing treatment and has given them the ability to help restore full mouth function. They would most definitely recommend dental implants to family and friends. Please check out some of the recent testimonials our patients have provided regarding their treatment and overall experience.