Dental Implant Results Gallery

Name: Richard Smith

Treatment: Single Dental Implant This gentleman is so happy to now be able to eat and function properly again, this patient now has his first molar back thanks to dental implants. Dental Implants Result 1

Name: Shamim Akhtar

Treatment: Multiple Dental Implant This patient is very happy now they can smile again after having no central upper teeth. They have gained confidence from having dental implants. Our patient can now get on with their day to day life after getting back their most valuable possession. Dental Implants Result 2

Name: Tamara Pollard

Treatment: Multiple Dental Implant Our patient has achieved an amazing and perfect smile through dental implants. Five dental implants were placed in the upper arch to gain this result. Dental Implants Result 3

Name: Lesley Main

Treatment: Multiple Dental Implant Our lovely patient now has an aesthetically pleasing smile. This patient has had one dental implant on the upper left central incisor and is now in the process of having the upper right central incisor replaced with an implant. Dental Implants Result 4

Name: William Shore

Treatment: Multiple Dental Implant This patient wasn’t happy with his gaps and discoloured teeth. Now he can show off his smile with perfectly matching shaped teeth and a much whiter appearance. Dental Implants Result 5