Single Tooth Dental Implant

Single Dental Implant Birmingham

If a single tooth is missing or failing for whatever reason, it may cause discomfort when eating and lack of confidence when smiling or talking especially if it is one of the front teeth.

There are various options available to fill the gap, however, the dental implant option supporting a single crown is undoubtedly the most long-term and natural-looking option. In this treatment, the teeth either side of the gap don’t require trimming which is advantageous as trimming has the undesirable effect of decreasing the longevity of teeth involved. Tooth cleaning is easy as if you were cleaning your own natural teeth, although with a little extra care, as the replacement tooth stands alone without connections to adjacent teeth. The titanium screw integrates well with bone, hence maintaining bone quality and reducing the possibility of nearby teeth becoming loose from loss of bone around them. You can also now eat or drink with confidence, without the taste of food being affected as the tooth covers no more of the mouth than a natural tooth. Single tooth Implants are also the preferred choice over partial dentures as they require removal at night time or when eating.

How long does a single tooth dental implant treatment take?

The IMPLANT TREATMENT PROCESS duration varies from patient to patient. If the traditional implant method is employed, the treatment will take a minimum of 5 to 7 months, depending on if the implantation is to be carried out on the upper or lower jaws or both. If tooth extraction is required, the patient may be able to have the tooth extracted and the implant fitted in the same appointment (Immediately loaded implant) as for a SAME DAY DENTAL IMPLANT, otherwise a 6 week to 4-month period is required for the socket to heal before the implant can be fitted. If bone augmentation is required, the treatment can last for a year or more.