Periodontics Birmingham

What is Periodontics?

The cause of “ gum disease” – gingivitis when limited to the gums in early stages and progressing to “periodontist” – when the bone supporting the teeth become soft and is gradually lost leading to loose teeth and eventually loss is due to poor oral hygiene! If food is left un-brushed, this becomes a sticky mass left with bacteria (plaque) which cause the gums to turn red and bleed when brushing, Left over time this plaque turns into hard like cement (calculus) and cannot be brushed off!

What does Periodontal treatment involve?

Periodontal treatment- involves meticulous removal of this calculus that grows under your gums and over the roots, with special scaling instruments, irrigating the gums with antiseptic liquids and use of ‘perio chips’ which kill the infection. Sometimes we use a laser to disinfect these deep pockets around the infected teeth.

In severe cases 3-4 appointments of 1 hour each may be needed and you must follow our preventive advice maintain and meticulously clean teeth as otherwise you will end up losing your teeth,! Also gum and bone that has been lost will not grow back but you will prevent any further loss and keep your teeth by correct brushing with a good electric toothbrush like , Philips sonicare or oral B, and dental floss and or interdental brushes must be used and a visit to the hygienist every 3-4 months.

Patient Review - Karl Weston

Having been told I had gum disease by my NHS dentist for many years but only being advised to see hygienist every 6 months , I was recommended to go and see Dr Dinesh Vegad for a full assessment.

He did a thorough examination along with xrays and explained in full gum disease to me and how it was affecting my gums.

I went on to have 3 x 1 hour appointments with Clare the hygienist who did a complete assessment of my gums and deep cleaning along with explain to me how I can keep my teeth clean at home and prevent the gum disease from worsening.

I have now been going to see Clare evry 3 months for the last 18 months and with each visit she tells me how my gums are improving and have no further bone loss.

Without the expert treatment, care and advise from the dentists and staff at St Pauls square Dental I would have lost many teeth by now and have dentures which at the age of 44 I would not want.