Invisalign - Clear, Invisible & Incognito Braces


Invisalign is the no braces way to straighten your teeth

Invisalign logoInvisalign, also known as Invisible Braces can be used to fix crooked or crowded teeth, gaps, underbites or overbites. Invisalign is the new form of orthodontics that is comfortable to wear that are virtually invisible, so no one will know that you're undergoing dental treatment.

How does Invisalign work?

Treatment varies depending on each individual patient. Options include:

  • Each set of aligners are worn for about 2 weeks, removing them only to eat, drink, brush, and floss.
  • Each aligner is replaced with the next set in the series, your teeth will slowly align week by week until they have straightened to the desired position your orthodontist or dentist has prescribed.
  • You'll visit your dentist every few weeks to ensure that your Invisalign treatment is progressing.
  • The total duration of the treatment can average between 9-15 months and the average number of aligners worn during treatment is between 18-30, but can vary from case to case.

Do you feel self-conscious about your smile and want straight teeth but don’t like the idea of visible braces?

If you answered YES to the above, then Invisalign, often termed clear or invisible braces, could be the solution for you. We have been using the orthodontic treatment for over a decade which involves wearing custom-made clear aligners to straighten the teeth, that are comfortable and practically invisible hence the name. Both adults and teenagers can now have straight teeth without the need for metal wires or brackets. Many orthodontic problems can be resolved by the treatment such as buck, crooked, overlapped teeth, gaps between teeth and problems with bite such as overbite and under bite thus improving your biting and chewing efficiency and is therefore likely to enhance the overall health of your teeth.

Here at our Birmingham Dental Practice impressions of your teeth are taken either using a mould or computerized technology which is used to make your individual aligners. Aligners are then worn over the teeth to straighten your teeth into the desired position. The benefits of Invisalign treatment is that there are no interferences with your day to day life because the aligners are removable; you can take them out to eat, drink and to brush your teeth. So now it’s time to get ready for a smile that will transform your appearance.

We have been recognised as having the highest level of experience with Invisalign in Birmingham by being awarded the Invisalign Platinum Partner status. also as we provide personalised care and services to our clients by our highly qualified dentist.