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Implant Supported Bridge

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Dental Implant Supported Bridge in Birmingham

An implant supported bridge is a type of bridge supported by a dental implant.

The implants are first fitted to restore missing or failing teeth, and an implant supported bridge is then attached to the implant.

These types of bridges are an ideal option when more than one tooth is missing. Implant supported bridges are more secure than regular bridges, helping to improve your general oral hygiene.

Implant Supported Bridge in Birmingham St Paul Square Dental Practice

Implant Supported Bridge Process

Usually the treatment period lasts between 5 and 7 months, although – as each patient is unique – treatment times can vary. This is also dependent upon the type of treatment, such as if the lower or upper jaw needs the procedure, or both.

If your gums and jaw are healthy and teeth need to be removed, then just like with same day implants, tooth removal and implant insertion can take place in the same appointment. However, if this is not the case, additional appointments may be required.

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Dental Implant Related Prices

Dental ImplantsFees
In-clinic Consultation (with our Treatment Coordinator)Free
Detailed Assessment (with the dentist including CBCT Scan)Ā£90 (Save Ā£150)
Dental Implant with Crownā€‹Ā£2,195ā€‹
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"Affordable choice for Implants! Satinder Kaur Previous bad dental experience I lost many teeth the bridge and implant option worked for me financially. St pauls has saved me a lot of money and given me my dental health back."

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