Dental Monitoring for Invisalign

Track your Teeth Straightening treatment progress remotely

What is Dental Monitoring?

Dental Monitoring at St Paul’s Square Dental Practice in Birmingham. 

Dental Monitoring makes it possible to track your Invisalign® treatment remotely from home, reducing your visits to the dental practice. We provide our patients with a ScanBox and a Dental Monitoring mobile app, enabling patients to keep in touch with our dental team from the comfort of their own home.

On Invisalign® treatment take-up, patients who request Dental Monitoring, will not only receive their first set of Invisalign® aligners but will also be provided with their own Dental Monitoring ScanBox, along with the app details and  log-in.

Through the app, the dentist and the patient stay in touch, with treatment progress and updates being remotely collated and monitored, reducing dental clinic visits.

Dental Monitoring ScanBox at st Paul's Square Dental in Birmingham

How Does Dental Monitoring Work?

Dental Monitoring Birmingham
  • Your dentist will require you to upload regular photos of your teeth using the Dental Monitoring ‘ScanBox’ to remotely see how your Invisalign treatment is progressing.
  • Use from the comfort of your home or anywhere you want to simply send photos of your teeth directly to your dentist to track your treatment.


  • If you are suitable for Invisalign aligners, then combined with Dental Monitoring you will have the latest technology in teeth straightening and monitoring of your dental alignment progress.
  • Book a Consultation to check your suitability

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Dental Monitoring Process

1. In-clinic Consultation

Your dentist will discuss your treatment plan with you, and also teach you how to use the Dental Monitoring ScanBox and explain Dental Monitoring app and procedure.

2. Take Photos of Your Smile

Using the Dental Monitoring ScanBox, you will take photos of your smile from the comfort of your own home or from anywhere you want. Your photos will be remotley sent through to our clinic.

3. Your Dentist Will Track Your Treatment

Your dentist will receive your photos through the app and will provide you a review of your treatment, without any unnecessary trips to the dental practice. We will send through guidance and updates of your treatment via the Dental Monitoring app.

4. See How your teeth are moving towards your goal

Through the app, you can personally monitor the progress of your Invisaligntreatment using photo time-lapse technology and you will see the movement of your teeth from the beginning to the moment you took the last photo.

Monitor Your Invisalign Treatment

From the Comfort of Your Own Home

Learn More About Invisalign

Invisalign® consists of clear dental aligners used to correct multiple conditions to straighten teeth or bite, including over-crowded teeth, gap teeth, open bite, closed bite and more.

Invisalign is different from traditional braces as they have no wires, instead consist of a series of removable aligners. Perfect choice for those that want teeth straightening to fit into their lifestyle or activities

Lady Holding Invisalign Aligners in Birmingham