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Invisalign Offer in Birmingham! Save £850

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Your Invisalign Offer Includes:

Your Consultation:

  • Consultation with our Treatment Coordinator is £10
  • Free Smile Simulation (Worth £150)

Should You Decide to Go-ahead with Invisalign:

  • Free Teeth Whitening (Worth £300)
  • Free Retainers (Worth £400)
  • A FREE refinement at the end of treatment for further improvements, if clinically required

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In-clinic Orthodontic/Invisalign Consultation (with our Treatment Coordinator): £10

What is Invisalign?

Invisalign clear aligners is the no braces way to straighten your teeth Invisalign, also known as Invisible Braces can be used to fix crooked or crowded teeth, gaps, underbites or overbites.

Invisalign is the new form of orthodontics that is comfortable to wear that are virtually invisible, so no one will know that you’re undergoing dental treatment.

Man Smiling Before and After Invisalign Treatment in Birmingham

Invisalign Treatment in Birmingham

We are an Invisalign Birmingham Platinum Elite dental clinic, which means we successfully completed over 300 Invisalign lifetime patients and perform a minimum of 50 cases every 6 months., giving you the confidence to relax knowing that you are in good hands.

We have been offering the full range of Invisalign Treatments for many years, with a countless number of satisfied customers. This includes Invisalign Full, Invisalign Lite, Invisalign Teen, Invisalign i7 and Vivera Retainers.

Invisalign Platinum Provider Birmingham
Lady holding Invisalign Aligners Birmingham

15 Years of Invisalign Experience in Birmingham

Get your teeth straightened with an expert team

Is Invisalign Suitable for You?

Invisalign can treat a huge range of dental conditions. You are suitable for Invisalign treatment as long as you are looking for a discreet way teeth straightening. The Invisalign system can help you to improve the following dental conditions and more:

  • Gaps or spaces between teeth
  • Underbites
  • Overbites
  • Crossbites
  • Overcrowded Teeth
  • Crooked teeth
Invisalign for Gapped Teeth in Birmingham
Invisalign Solution for Underbite in Birmingham
Invisalign for Cross Bite in Birmingham
Invisalign Solution for Overcrowded Teeth in Birmingham
Invisalign Solution for Open Bite in Birmingham
Invisalign Solution for Over Bite in Birmingham

See Your Future Smile on the Same Day

During the first consultation, we offer our in-house 3D CT-scanner so our patients can see their future results before start the Invisalign treatment at St Paul’s Square in Birmingham

Advantages of using smile simulation:

  • Scan the inside of your mouth and teeth

  • Accuracy is better than other conventional x-rays

  • It makes sure that Invisalign aligners will fit perfect on you

  • We provide our patients the latest technology

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Personalised to Your Needs

Invisalign Packages

Save Up to £880 + Open Day Savings

Invisalign® i7 Package

Includes: Free Teeth Whitening (Worth £300) + Free Vivera Retainers (Worth £400)



Invisalign® LITE Package

Includes: Free Teeth Whitening (Worth £300) + Free Vivera Retainers (Worth £400)



Invisalign® FULL Package

Includes: Free Teeth Whitening (Worth £300) + Free Vivera Retainers (Worth £400)



Do you want to straight teeth but don't like the idea of visible braces?

If you answered YES to the above, then Invisalign, often termed clear or invisible braces, could be the solution for you. We have been using the orthodontic treatment for over a decade which involves wearing custom-made clear aligners to straighten the teeth, that are comfortable and practically invisible hence the name. Both adults and teenagers can now have straight teeth without the need for metal wires or brackets. Many orthodontic problems can be resolved by treatment with clear braces in Birmingham such as buck, crooked, overlapped teeth, gaps between teeth and problems with bite such as overbite and underbite thus improving your biting and chewing efficiency and is therefore likely to enhance the overall health of your teeth.

Here at our Birmingham Dental Practice impressions of your teeth are taken either using a mould or computerized technology which is used to make your individual aligners. Aligners are then worn over the teeth to straighten your teeth into the desired position. The benefits of Invisalign treatment is that there are no interferences with your day to day life because the aligners are removable; you can take them out to eat, drink and to brush your teeth. So now it’s time to get ready for a smile that will transform your appearance.

We have been recognised as having the highest level of experience with Invisalign clear braces in Birmingham by being awarded the Invisalign Platinum Elite Partner status. Also as we provide personalised care and services to our clients by our highly qualified dentist.

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0% Finance up to 12 months

Longer finance terms are available up to 5 years at an APR rate of 9.9%.

St Pauls Square Dental Practice strives to offer its patients transparent and clear fees so that patients can clearly see the cost of any course of treatment.

Private treatment will either be by reference to a fixed fee or may involve the fees being charged by reference to the treatments required/desired and/or the complexity involved. In these circumstances, your dentist will in the first instance provide you with a detailed and transparent quotation as to the work to be carried out.

Our Patient Reviews
Jose Casella
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It has been my local practice over the last 8 years. Great modern practice, proffesional and always felt welcomed as soon as walking through the doors. Doctors are great, friendly, open and honest. Highly recommended!
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beautiful practice, everyone is so friendly especially Emma, can't thank them enough, couldn't be happier with my teeth. The team are all so friendly and welcoming 🙂
Vin Chenzo
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Emma and team alongside Farooq and Nida Khan provide excellent care albeit on the dear side; I feel like I am cared for here and appointments are easy to come by
David Fullstone
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I can’t recommend St Paul’s enough. I went to one their open days before. Their prices were by far the lowest, almost half that of other dentists I’d checked out and the staff throughout the entire process were as professional as you’ll find anywhere. Oh yeh snd they have this amazing massage chair in the waiting area that’ll make you want to turn up really early to use
Samantha Murray
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Having had a number of bad experiences with dentists, I'm so happy to have moved to a fantastic dental practice. They are friendly and professional. Have had normal dentistry and some cosmetic and would and have recommended them to anyone.
Leanne Weatherby
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So happy with my new veneers, Damien was very gentle, made me feel at ease and I'm delighted with the result.
Rehana Khan
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A great dental practice. Special thanks must go out to Damien and the team for the excellent service and accommodation. Having gone for my Invisalign treatment I cannot recommend St Paul’s Square Dental Practice enough. I shall continue to use this practice for my aftercare treatment and routine check ups.
Qasim Mohammad
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Great service, exceptional team... still ongoing with my treatment, I cannot fault them, relatively well priced and a pleasure to deal with. This is the only dentist I’ll be using and recommending
Gareth Melling
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I and my family have been using St Paul's Square Dental now for 6 years, All the team there make you feel so welcome and the service/treatment has always been fantastic.