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Uzair Janjua

Uzair Janjua

Hi, I’m Uzair Janjua, I’m a Dentist who believes really in just delivering high-quality Dentistry to the best of my abilities.

Integrity, excellence, and honesty are the cornerstones of my practice, and I take great pride in providing excellent dental care to my patients.

Continuous self-development is a fundamental aspect of who I am, and it extends to my clinical Dentistry. I am eager to learn and improve, ensuring that I can deliver the highest level of care.

I invite you to explore my professional website and portfolio of cases I have completed:

I look forward to serving you with the utmost dedication and care.

Postgraduate Training Courses:

    1.    RIPE Global Dental Courses (Anterior Dental Series, Posterior Dental Series) Р2019
    2.    Monik Vasant Composite Bonding Course РLondon, 2020
    3.    Chris Orr Advanced Cosmetic Dentistry Р1-year long, London, 2021
    4.    The Endo Guys Endodontic Course РLondon, 2021
    5.    A-Z Advanced Cosmetic and Restorative Course Р1-year long, Manchester
    6.    Invisalign Certification РCompleted in 2022
    7.    Bilal Arshad Composite Veneers Course РManchester, 2022
    8.    Anterior Composite Course РCairo, Egypt, 2022
    9.    Masters Course in Implant Dentistry РFlorence, Italy, 2023 (year-long course)


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" Ash creates the most relaxed atmosphere, I received service with a full explanation and detailed knowledge needed, totally recommended by my family and I would never go anywhere else."