Composite Bonding Birmingham

Composite Bonding in Birmingham

Making your dreams a reality

What is Composite Bonding?

At St Paul’s Square Dental Practice in Birmingham, we provide Composite Bonding Dental treatment with Smilefast technique, using the stent produced by the latest 3D planning technology. We can enhance your smile in just 1 day with composite dental bonding. This fast and non-invasive treatment option enables our patients to have new smiles at more affordable prices.
  • Latest Dental technology for a Complete Smile Design
  • A natural-looking restoration that blends in well with your surrounding teeth.
  • Non-invasive composite Bonding Treatment
  • More affordable than dental veneers & dental crowns.
  • More comfortable dental experience, no numbing required!
Composite bonding in Birmingham

1 Day Visit Treatment

With Smilefast, your smile can be transformed in as little as 1 hour!

Composite Bonding Before & After Cases with Smilefast Technology

Composite Bonding for Crowded Teeth

Gapped & Discoloured Teeth​

Composite Bonding for coloured teeth

Texture Correction & Reshaping​

Composite Bonding for bad teeth

Teeth Erosion

Composite Bonding for broken teeth

Chipped & Broken Teeth

Composite Bonding for spaced teeth

Reshaping & Alignment Correction

Composite Bonding case birmingham

Shape Correction & Discoloured teeth​

Smile Makeover Package Offers - with Composite Bonding in Birmingham

Composite bonding

Composite Tooth-edge Bonding

For chipped teeth, broken teeth and lengthening

1 Tooth: £195

6 Teeth: £1,100 (Save £70)

8 Teeth: £1,360 (Save £200)

6 Upper + 6 Lower Teeth: £2,090 (Save £250)

8 Upper +8 Lower Teeth: £2,595 (Save £525)

Save up to


Dental Veneers

Composite Veneers (Smilefast) Package

-For the whole tooth surface-

Includes: teeth whitening & complimentary retainers

6 Uppers Teeth: £2,495

8 Uppers Teeth: £2,895

Save up to


Is Dental Bonding Suitable for You?

Composite Bonding Birmingham St Paul's Square Dental

Composite Bonding is one of the most popular dental treatments at our practice in Birmingham. Additionally, Dental Bonding can be undertaken for people of all ages, including using Smilefast technology. 

Composite Bonding can treat conditions such as:

  • Gapped Teeth
  • Misaligned Teeth
  • Damaged or Chipped Teeth
  • Discoloured Teeth
  • Misshaped Teeth
  • Teeth length adjusting

Composite Bonding with the Latest Costmetic Dentistry in Birmingham

Quick and convenient treatment done in just 1 visit, which means you don’t need an extra visit to the practice or have to wear a temporary fitting for a few weeks to get a perfect smile with dental bonding treatment. 

We will prepare a treatment plan that best fits your needs, and during your free consultation, we will take the time to listen to all concerns you may have, making sure that you will have the perfect smile you have ever wanted. 

Smilefast technology helps to guide the treatment planning, visualizing your future smile. 

Composite Bonding - Smilefast
Composite Bonding - Smilefast Birmingham
Composite Bonding with Smilefast Birmingham
Smilefast - Birmingham
Composite Bonding Treatment

0% Finance up to 12 months

Longer finance terms are available up to 5 years at an APR rate of 9.9%.

St Pauls Square Dental Practice strives to offer its patients transparent and clear fees so that patients can clearly see the cost of any course of treatment.

Private treatment will either be by reference to a fixed fee or may involve the fees being charged by reference to the treatments required/desired and/or the complexity involved. In these circumstances, your dentist will in the first instance provide you with a detailed and transparent quotation as to the work to be carried out.

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St Paul's Square Dental Practice gave me the highest level of consultation, care, value and results. I can't speak highly enough of the practice team; they are brilliant. Dinesh is by far the most knowledgeable, caring and skilled dentist I have ever had treatment from. I would highly recommend this practice to you for basic or advanced care.
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A great dental practice. Special thanks must go out to Damien and the team for the excellent service and accommodation. Having gone for my Invisalign treatment I cannot recommend St Paul’s Square Dental Practice enough. I shall continue to use this practice for my aftercare treatment and routine check ups.
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Special thanks to Javed and his nurse who have been very helpful, friendly, and attentive at all my hygiene sessions at St. Paul’s. Javed especially did a great job stabilising my gum health during all my visits, would highly recommend. Dr Nida Khan was also very friendly and informative when discussing orthodontic options, whilst taking into account overall oral health as well. All the staff at St. Paul’s have been incredibly helpful, definitely would recommend for both orthodontic and hygiene treatment.
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Dazzling smile are excellent. After Finest Dental went bankrupt, I was referred to this Dentist by my insurance company. The customer service I have received to date has been brilliant. They took on board my disappointing experience with Finest dental and wanted to help me get back on track with my treatment as soon as possible. Helen has been excellent as has Courtney - thanks ladies! Dr has been really thorough in setting up my treatment plan too. Recommended to all living nearby and I will definitely be a loyal customer for the future. Thank you for helping me!
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I have initially gone for an Invisalign treatment consultation at the practice but after a thorough review I had to have some other procedures done.Dr Nida has been amazing at guiding me through what the treatment entails and then finally starting my Invisalign treatment. I cannot recommend them enough! Everyone at the practice is friendly and accommodating, especially as my treatment was done during the pandemic! I have now finished all treatment and will continue to use this practice as my teeth have never looked so good and healthy before!