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Invisalign in Birmingham – Platinum Provider

Invisalign in Birmingham – Great Results with our Platinum Provider

What is Invisalign Platinum Provider Status?

Invisalign Platinum Provider in Birmingham. Patients should know what experience their dentist has on Invisalign treatment.

This can be known thanks to the Invisalign Provider Levels. 

At St. Paul’s Square Dental Practice, we are an Invisalign Birmingham Platinum Elite dental clinic, which means:

  • We successfully completed over 300 Invisalign lifetime patients 
  • We performed a minimum of 50 cases every 6 months


Why Choose a Dentist who is an Invisalign Platinum Provider?

Due to the high number of cases we have treated at St. Paul’s Square Dental Practice in Birmingham, we have a lot of experience treating simple to complex cases. 

So, it is known that patients who see an Invisalign Platinum Provider are more likely to be satisfied with their results.  The reason? Because these dentists can achieve the desired results with fewer aligners, reducing treatment time and cost, making it more comfortable.


How do I Schedule a Consultation with an Invisalign Platinum Provider?

Don’t just take anyone’s word for it!

To get started on Invisalign, schedule a Free Consultation because this is the best opportunity because it will allow you to understand the Invisalign Treatment Process and what Invisalign can do for you.

To get started, you should schedule a Free Initial Consultation with our Invisalign Platinum Elite Provider.  That’s why this is a great chance to get to know them and what they can offer you.

As part of your free consultation, you can ask:

  • How long will my Invisalign treatment take?
  • Is Invisalign suitable for me?
  • Are there any Invisalign cases that you can share with me?
  • Can you explain to me the Invisalign process?
  • How much will my Invisalign treatment cost?


Get a Digital Smile Simulation

invisalign birmingham dazzling smiles

In the first consultation, we will scan your teeth with a new 3D iTero scanner that produces a digital replica of your teeth.

As a result of this technology, we can virtually design your new smile by creating a simulation of how your teeth could look after Invisalign treatment.

We can then produce a 3D model of your teeth on the computer screen. This allows us to create a simulation of how your teeth could look after Invisalign treatment.


Have an Invisalign Consultation with an Invisalign Platinum Provider

At your first Invisalign consultation in Birmingham at St Paul’s Square Dental, you will be able to ask about your particular concerns and worries about your teeth or smile. Also, we can understand what you don’t like about your smile and plan your treatment to get the best possible results.

As an Invisalign Platinum Provider, we will also be able to advise you on any concerns you may have. That’s why we will make you feel comfortable, as your dentist will be seeing your teeth and mouth every month or thereabouts, making the adjustments needed.

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